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Vietnam series

September 8, 2009
along the mekong…

another snapshot of hoian beach, with a little touch of family..

as much as i hated to conform..
in my frenzy,still bought a couple of these for my frens..

the tourist-saturatued tam-coc,
was where a cone-hatted auntie asked for a dollar tip.


one of our pitstops

turn right to? the toilet perhaps?

mekong delta.
cabbage, carrot, onions or chilli? pick your choice.

i am obsessed with cables.

travel + photography

September 6, 2009
my travels- big part in shaping who i am today.
photography- one of my many loves.
travels + photography = passion, to its core.

gigabytes of travel photos- instead of redundantly occupying the computer’s memory..
may i offer facets and perspectives of life…
thru my viewfinder, my eyes, my kaleidoscope..

first up, a personal fav-
An evening shot of the beautiful beach of Hoian, Vietnam.