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Laos P.D.R (Please Don’t Rush)

September 10, 2009

victory monumentdroplets @tadat sao


propeller flight heading to luang prabang
a kid @kuang si waterfallso ‘connected’ to cables


a moment@ luang prabang nite market
back to the 60s.


Vietnam series

September 8, 2009
along the mekong…

another snapshot of hoian beach, with a little touch of family..

as much as i hated to conform..
in my frenzy,still bought a couple of these for my frens..

the tourist-saturatued tam-coc,
was where a cone-hatted auntie asked for a dollar tip.


one of our pitstops

turn right to? the toilet perhaps?

mekong delta.
cabbage, carrot, onions or chilli? pick your choice.

i am obsessed with cables.

travel + photography

September 6, 2009
my travels- big part in shaping who i am today.
photography- one of my many loves.
travels + photography = passion, to its core.

gigabytes of travel photos- instead of redundantly occupying the computer’s memory..
may i offer facets and perspectives of life…
thru my viewfinder, my eyes, my kaleidoscope..

first up, a personal fav-
An evening shot of the beautiful beach of Hoian, Vietnam.

shanghai randoms.

July 20, 2009
me trying to be funny
v nice qqs t-shirt design from the back.
鲁迅if you know who he is…

grandpa’s the best!

random shot that turns out to be quite alrite.



here’s another random shot

yet another one..

hey also have zebra crossing….
dangling butterflies brighten up the blue sky..
ersonally loved this shot..
its green man,start walking!
back of a new found fren in Shanghai, 博成from 华爱.
fancy his polka dotted shirt la!
woah.for hanging clothes?

game for a ball game?

China immigration inspection


May 28, 2009
Draping messtins for chappatti & curry..

a hot afternoon.

how long more?

kerosene lamp on dirt ground


Boxers!? Oops..

Tending tents..

May 26, 2009

Charm in the Indian way..

May 26, 2009