October 15, 2009

so many thots …so many reflections… so many things to share..so many stories to tell..so many “grace” encounters to thank God for….so much i yearn to blog….. but, i grapple with time.

managing time is an art. it seems that i’m not too gifted in this form of art… but we can be nurtured into it..as we grow ‘wiser’ and more ‘mature’ so to speak, “prioritising” is something we should learn to grow better in…and making full use of time given to be efficient and effectively.. apparently, it still remains an art to me… but again, its the process i learn, and will continue to do so.

my cell leader always remind me that..2 things we ought to do with our time:
1. grow ourselves
2. grow others
time should be spent on upgrading, building ourselves up, feeding our body, soul, spirit, mind. or we spend it with people to build one another, and the community..

what am i doing with my time?

someone said “work is a gd 4-letter word”, and “work is a blessing”, i just came bk from work upon a meeting which ended at 10.30pm..and preparing for work again at 9am [not complaining over here…) but just to prove the point that out of 24 hrs a day, most of us spent more than 12 hours on work!

time is life.
if we spend almost half of our entire life on work….
yet dread our legs to work everyday…
realised we have stop learning and went into an autopilot mode…
grumbling instead of being grateful…
think again.

time is a gift.
we are stewards of time.
every minute every second’s a bonus.
we ought to guard it with much care
as we do not know when our time is up.

time is subjective
people like to associate me with the word “busy”
i raise my 2 hands and feet to agree with that
but i do spend considerable amt of time alone doing nothing…
rather still busy… engaged in catching up with myself and God..
but yes, i’m still busy.

thank you God for the 86400 seconds, 1440 minutes and 24 hours a day,
what then am i doing with all that…?

Lord, i want to be a good manager.
manager of time


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